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for sale - by country

    Instead of paying people for looking at your site,
    Pay to people who sell your product.

    Instead of Pay Per View, Pay Per Click, Pay Per What?
     Pay commission for real sale.

    Instead of paying a full salary to someone who may sell,
    Pay to people according to their achievements.

    Instead of paying a full salary to make local sales,
    Create a global sales network.

    Free advertising your product / service

We give you the perfect tool to get the best
Return On Investment for your marketing efforts.
It is time for you to make money
from your contacts.

Here you can find a list of products,
their description and estimated prices.
If you know someone or, much better,
a company/organization decision makers,
or anyone who would like to buy the product
or service.
make a sale and get a great commission.
If you know you can make a sale,
make sure you fill the right details in the Agent form,
we may contact you to validate them.

And the best thing is,
you pay only if the supplier think your profile
and contacts are enough to make the sale.

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