CELLULAR BLOG is an implementation of TOTF mobile

The TOTF system let you create a personal blog, or start a new service for blogs.
The BLOGS will appear both as WEB PAGE in the internet, and as MOBILE BLOG which can be view from your cellular phone.

Personal use

TOTF CELLULAR BLOG let you share your thoughts, opinions, history, views and experiences with a close circle of friends or with anonymous visitors.

The difference between TOTF web logs and other blogs, is that with TOTF ,
the blogger and the visitors don't have to use computer.

You and the people who want to see your blog can do it from the car, train, bedroom or ... , and the best is - your privacy is kept, because tracking your mobile internet activity is exactly like to eavesdrop (bug) your telephone.


Commercial use

Work from home? NO
Better work from your new office, in your new company.

If you can create a large online community, or make interesting people to publish their
TOTF BLOG you can make a lot of money.

Just look at the people who have made it. Searce the word "blog" with any Search engine, you can see many successful web site.

Using TOTF STARTUP platform give you an advantage on other blog sites - you give the user the cellular access, this advantage along with your idea can make your dreams come true.


If you look at TOTF Startup Edition you will see that in the first 2 steps :

  • No installation or configuration required.
  • No professional knowledge required.
  • No need to buy expensive hardware.
  • No long term obligation is made by you.
  • Just start your first TOTF CELLULAR BLOG



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