TableOnTheFly- FAQs
1.  How do I connect TOTF tables to my site?

Two options:
1. Put a button in your web site, with a link to your TOTF account.
2. After creating/updating your tables, save it to your computer, 
    and upload them to your site.

Only for demo users:
you must choose the second option,
because your data will not be saved.

2. Must I stay connected to the internet, while using TOTF ?
NO, You can create/update your table offline, connect to the internet only before you press   It is very useful when updating few tables (price lists, catalogues, schedules, Availability information...)
3. I want to use TOTF, must I have a Web site?
Not for the demo,
But if you want to save  your data you must have a web site,
So we can avoid misuse of TOTF.
4. Are you hosting web sites / html pages?
NO, we only save data, and the system create the tables dynamically.

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