If you're interested in licensing or reselling TOTF
in your country, please feel free to contact us.

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The best way to have a new platform for your company.

Think about TOTF as a "TakeAway menu" .

After you consult with Astal staff member,
and after you filled your details form, if approved,
you will get an access to a list of components (mostly Open Source)
such as Application Servers, Web Servers, Java frameworks etc.
From this menu you can choose your preferred system architecture.
* Please note you must acquire all licenses for the components you choose.

You made your order and we will deliver it to you !

Next step usually is that you test the platform you ordered,
after we have created and installed it on our servers.

Next step is delivery. Regarding to the platform you choose
you will get your platform as an EAR TAR.GZ ZIP or executable file,
or on media like DVD, DISK ON KEY or Hard Disk.
Within your TOTF PLATFORM you will find Documentation, examples,
Running sample on every component you ordered,
including samples source code,
and of course, all your modules installed and ready to go.

* All the above is a recommendation and not an obligation.

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