Some ways to use TOTF:

TOTF as restaurant's menu 
TOTF as price list 
TOTF as appointment schedule
TOTF as availability form 
TOTF as address book 
TOTF as mailing list 
TOTF as online catalogue / brochure
TOTF as online shopping list
TOTF as online Messenger
TOTF as check list 
TOTF as Company Profile 
TOTF as ......

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TOTF as restaurant's menu
breakfast lunch dinner
eggs- omelet eat  as much salad
salad as you can... steak or fish
bread & butter   cake
tea - coffee RICH  BUFFET tea - coffee
TOTF as price list
Item Price
cd-rom x48 30  $
hard disk 50  $
keyboard 5    $
TOTF as appointment schedule
  Place With
  9.00   A.M.  my office  Mr. x
10.00  A.M.  coffee shop  Mr. y
11.30  A.M.  her house my girl friend (*:*)
  2.00   P.M.  my house  my wife  (*_*)
TOTF as availability form
  Hotel 1   Hotel 2
Hotel  EL TOTF Hotel     Astal TOTF Motel
Room double     double
Dates 10-20 Dec  1999    10-20 Dec  1999
Price only 1000$ per night     only 150 $ per night
TOTF as  address book
Phone Fax Address Notes
A. Joe       Be careful
Ben  Smith       great man
Candy        Just Married

TOTF as mailing list
TOTF  master
TOTF  support

TOTF as catalogue / brochure
Price Picture
Our Program 3 $
Our DEMO 3 $
Our Evaluation Copy 3 $ DOWNLOAD
FREE Evaluation Copy





TOTF as online shopping list
Hi my love
Don't forget to bring home:
milk, cola, bread,..... And you
TOTF as online Messenger
  from your boss from me
Are you happy? yes
Do you like your work? no
TOTF as check list
  Dear Customer
  Before taking your car please check:
v Fuel Tank
v Engine Oil 
v Breaks liquid

TOTF as Company Profile
Astal Web Effects is always one step ahead
Since 1997, Astal create web effects, softwares 
and web sites  for the next generation of the internet.
Astal is working in 3 parallel ways:
- Create professional web sites.
- Create Web Effects for people and companies who make web sites- more then 20,000 users by now.
- Create the most useful software for the future Internet.
Like Astal Voting System, which was created for the times 
when you will be able to see video via internet, like you see today On TV,
TOTF is made for the near future, 
when the majority of Web Sites Owners will be small medium businesses
who would like to manage their web site without professional help.
As simple as it may look, TOTF is the missing link 
between the professional Site builder and 
the not Computer Professional Site Owner.