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Increasing user's loyalty, better retention rates,
more conversions, quality user acquisition

= more profits for you

There are many ways to advertise and get more views and more downloads for your mobile application, but

we help you to GET MORE ACTIVE USERS


Online and on-premise consultancy

While Astal usually provides Online consultancy, in some cases you can have a professional consultant working in your offices directly with your team (Europe only).

Customized solutions

Initial scanning to find retention barriers, Strategy planning, Statistic results analysis,User research, UX/UI design, A/B Testing and many more tools at your service. You choose what to use and we customize and assist your team to implement them.

Cross platform solutions

We will help you to increase user's loyalty, whether they use web-browser, Android, iPhone or any other platform.

Cloud and 3rd party solutions

We have a huge catalog of 3rd party solutions which we can help you implement, and we have a single API with cloud backend to help your developers to activate popular cloud services with a single API.

About Compay


Since 1997,ASTAL is a leading company in innovation technologies. With large number of clients from banks to early stage start-up companies and huge portfolio of successful projects, ASTAL is always looking to benefit it's clients with the most advanced technologies.

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Our vision

The average mobile app loses more then 75% of its users to inactivity within the first 3 days after installation. With 18 years experience,Astal team have an opportunity to assist you to keep more active users. a proven way to get better Conversion Rates and User Acquisitions.


Users retention calculator

Current Statistics
Downloads Not a valid number.
Active users
Average user expenses per month
Current retention rates {{(active1/downloads1)*100}} %
Current earning in dollar $$: {{active1*expenses1}}
Expected Statistics
Downloads Not a valid number.
Active users
Average user expenses per month
Expected retention rates {{(active2/downloads2)*100}} %
Expected earnings in dollar $$: {{active2*expenses2}}


A time-limited offer

This is our time-limited offer:
Contact us to get a special offer for scanning your Android application and get a detailed report about what you have & what you missed to get a better retention rates.





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