ABOUT TOTF platform for new JAVA J2EE J2ME WAP projects

1. Introduction
    1.1. About this Document
    1.2. Definitions, Acronyms & Abbreviations.
    1.3. TOTF history
    1.4. TOTF for mobile and cellular startup
2. Scope and Objectives
    2.1. Primary objectives
    2.2. Clients objectives.
    2.3. Benefits
3. Structure
    3.1 High Level Design
Platform scope:
    Client Tier
          End User interface
          Administration interface
    Middle Tier
          web tier, business tier.
Platform non scope
   3.2 Components
    3.3 Alternatives
4. GUI
    4.11 Screens
5. Copyrights and Trademarks


  1. Introduction

    1.1 About this Document.

      The main purpose of this document is to provide an overview of how the TOTF STARTUP EDITION is constructed. It is an high level description,  not meant as a complete and fully detailed guide covering all aspects of the system.

    1.2 Definitions, Acronyms & Abbreviations



TOTF Client

Paying client using this platform.

End User

Client's users

1.3 TOTF history

Astal Web Effects since 1997.
TOTF since 1999.
TOTF version 1.4 since 2002
TOTF WAP since 2002.
TOTF mobile blog since 2004.
TOTF MOBILE PLATFORM - Startup Edition since 2004.
TOTF MOBILE PLATFORM - Enterprise Edition since 2004.

1.4 TOTF for mobile and cellular startup

in addition to the base platform, if your startup develops

applications or web / mobile site for the cellular market,

TOTF has a set of ready made utilities like:

Users registration web site

Web/wap content management system (CMS)

Online HTML / WAP catalog and price list

mobile development tools

and much more

  1. Scope and Objectives

    TOTF platform main objective is to let Project Managers and entrepreneurs

    focus on their core applications development, without wasting resources on

    building the base Java platform.

2.1 Primary objectives

2.2 Clients objectives

2.3 Benefits

  1. Structure

3.1 High Level Design

Platform scope:

Client Tier

End User interface: from his cellular or computer, end user can use this forms which the templates are provided with the platform, and costumes by the clients.

All forms are created by servlets/JSP.

Administration interface: from his computer, client's administrator can easily control the platform activity using well known and tested tools/ TOTF management services, including:

Middle Tier

TOTF Middle Tier container integrates with a wide variety of web and application servers,

using classic EJB structure, TOTF give the client a presentation layer- web tier,

and logic layer- business tier.

EIS TOTF easily integrates with databases, other web resources, or any other information source

need for your applications.

Platform non scope:

Networking and security issues will not be handheld by TOTF, and will not be included in the package.

    3.2 Components

End User GUI- html pages.

Administration screens- html pages/ applets created by cgi / servlets/ jsp /jsf.

Web servers : usually from Apache project.

Application servers recommended- WebSphere / JBoss / Jrun.

Java IDE : Eclipse / NetBean.

Java Tools : since Java now has many tools, you can ask that your package

will include minimal / costumize tools configuration.

Web Management tools.

Other Management tools.

    3.3 Alternatives

4. GUI

TOTF gui mission is to be user friendly User Interface, running as Applet or Java Application.

Client can use Tree View or Tab View and enjoy a graphic environment with graphs and icons.

4.1 Screens:


5. Copyrights and Trademarks

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