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What is TableOnTheFly

Problem: most site owners can't update their site by themselves
Solution: TOTF - TableOnTheFly

TOTF is a new standard for site building, which allow the site owner  to update data in the web site, without  knowledge in programming.
Once you build a table or html page in
TOTF, our system will let you update the data online with:
no additional cost, no need for database or any other complex programs, no need to upload files with each update, and in very simple and user friendly way.

Try TOTF and make a FREE page for your web site

What is TableOnTheFly used for?
* Price lists
* Catalogues
* E - commerce
* On Line info such as :
       simple text based web pages

        Products in store
        Availability information
        Current events
        TV guides
        And much more........

Ways to use TOTF MOBILE.
    §   Web site management
    §   WAP site management
    §   WAP site content manager
    §   Mobile Marketing management
    §   Price lists
    §   Catalog on cellular
    §   Mobile catalog
    §   Schedule for sales men
    §   Schedule for your employees
    §   Schedule for your company drivers
    §   Reminder on cellular
    §   Availability forms
    §   Financial data updates
    §   News on mobile - news in WAP
    §   And much more ...

TableOnTheFly Advantages:
* Build your html page once
  update it as often as many times as you  want, 
  without any extra costs.
* On The Fly Updating.
   (for updating existing TOTF pages)
* Easy and fast way to build many pages to your site.
* Allows you to build as much tables as you want in your site.
* Simple and user- friendly interface 
  (Java based- run it on any Operation System)
* Support all languages (except Arabic)

* Hebrew version -create and update WAP pages - written from right to left.

* Low Cost 
* Easy and large profits for the site builder.

Who  made  TableOnTheFly ?
TOTF is a new product created 
by Astal Web Effects for the Internet community and for site builders and site owners.
All Rights Reserved to Astal Investments and Software Ltd (1997).

How does it work?
Combining programing in few computer languages (perl,java,c...) ,
we call it
LOP - Language Oriented Programming,
let us create the most sophisticated systems  which are the most
simple and user - friendly for you and your clients.

All Rights Reserved to Astal Investments and Software Ltd (1997).
For more information:totf@astal.com

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